Curly Girl Method

Signes start on the curly girl method

Signe Winther now after 11 months on the curly girl method
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This blog is the first in a series we call Inspiration blogs, the blogs are written by some of our amazing customers and we hope they can give you some inspiration.

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The blog below is written by Signe Winther, perhaps better known as curlywinther on Instagram. You can find her Instagram profile here.

I decided to start on the curly girl method because I was tired of always having my hair up, I only had it down for parties and it collapsed after 10 min. I have gone from always having it up to almost always having it down.

I have gotten so much more play in my hair, which can be seen in the shine, structure and health of my hair.

When you start, you have to praise yourself happily for living in a technological world because Google and Instagram have the most answers to your questions. Here it is also worth its weight in gold that there has been so much focus on the curly girl method that you can even find entire webshops dedicated to the curly girl method, it really makes your work much easier.

My pictures are from before I started the curly girl method, after the first wash and now.

Signe Winther before the curly girl method
Signe efter hendes sidste vask
Signe Winther now after 11 months on the curly girl method

If you are considering starting I can recommend that you keep it lowkey in the beginning and acquires the following products:

You can always find additional products, and also find a deepconditioner/protein treatment which could be good for one. 

To give a picture of what I use now, I will list the products I used in my last wash:

I most often switch between this wash and then a wash that includes three gels in my styling routine instead of foam and gel. I have wavy hair with a curl or two and pretty fine hair, so I need all the hold I can get close to.

That was a bit about my start as a curly girl and where I am now in terms of product and hair. I hope to be allowed to blog again at CurlsForYou so I can share some other curly girl experiences 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Signes start på curly girl metoden

  1. Nanna says:

    Spændende samt inspirerende læsning og ikke mindst billederne, hvor man kan se en tydelig forskel fra start til nu 🙂 Mere af det 🎉

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