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Are you looking for hair care products developed specifically for small, dense curls? Then As I Am is the perfect brand for you. The products here have been specially developed to give curly hair the moisture and nourishment it needs to keep it beautiful and healthy.

You will find in the product line from As I Am everything you need to clean, care and style your beautiful curls. Take a look at the special curling products below, or read more about As I Am at the bottom of the page.

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As I Am – Coconut CoWash

  • A gentle and cleansing conditioner that adds moisture to your curly hair
  • Selected with care for the Curly Girl method
  • Gently removes dirt and remnants of styling products in the hair
  • Can be used in both colored and natural hair
  • Made from natural and gentle ingredients
  • Contains moisture.
  • Size 227/454 grams.
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As I Am – Leave-In Conditioner

  • Fjerner knuder og filtret hår
  • Tilfører massevis af fugt
  • Giver håret en god base før styling
  • Indeholder styrkende og naturlige ingredienser
  • Fremskynder hårets vækst.
  • Size: 237 ml
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As I Am – Dry & Itchy Shampoo

  • Afhjælper skæl, kløe og irritation i hovedbunden
  • Renser og fugter hovedbunden
  • Fjerner gamle produktrester og urenheder
  • Efterlader håret friskt og rent
  • Reducerer filtret hår.
  • Indeholder: Fugt
  • Størrelse: 355 ml.
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As I Am – Dry & Itchy CoWash

  • As I Am - Dry & Itchy CoWash fugtgivende og plejende produkt til hår og hovedbund
  • Afhjælper kløe, irritation og skæl i hovedbunden
  • Adds a good shot of moisture to both hair and scalp
  • Contains both olive oil and the caring tea tree oil
  • The product has been carefully selected for the Curly Girl method
  • Size: 454 gr.
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As I Am – Hydration Elation

  • En intensiv hårkur, der trænger dybt ind i hårstrået og giver fugt
  • Fremmer sund hårvækst, styrker det svage hår og reparerer splittede ender
  • Skal sidde i håret i 15-30 minutter
  • Vejen til stærke, glansfulde og bløde krøller
  • Enestående sammensætning af friske og fugtgivende ekstrakter
  • Contains moisture.
  • Størrelse: 227g
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As I Am – Detangling Conditioner

  • Efterlader håret blødt og glansfuldt
  • Styrker og reparerer beskadiget hår
  • Indeholder naturlige ingredienser
  • Nærer og fugter håret
  • Indeholder fugt og protein
  • Size 237 ml.
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As I Am – Curling Jelly

  • Gel til små og tætte krøller
  • Giver et glansfuldt resultat, der holder i dagevis
  • Indeholder nærende fugt
  • Indeholder naturlige ingredienser
  • Minimerer krus og holder fugten inde i håret
  • Størrelse: 227/454 g
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As I Am – Dry & Itchy Conditioner

  • Lindrer tør og kløende hovedbund
  • God til at rede/fingerrede håret
  • Tilfører fugt
  • Bekæmper skæl
  • Fremmer glas og styrker og reparerer håret
  • Størrelse: 355 ml.
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As I Am – Curl Clarity Shampoo

  • Skånsom shampoo udvalgt med omtanke for Curly Girl-metoden
  • Tilfører både fugt og glans til dine krøller
  • Hjælper med at opretholde hovedbundens naturlige fugtbalance
  • Efterlader ikke dit hår udtørret, og hjælper med at fjerne ophobede rester af gamle stylingprodukter
  • Kan anvendes i farvet hår såvel som i naturligt, ufarvet hår
  • Størrelse: 237 ml.
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As I Am – Twist Defining Cream

  • Stylingcreme til krøllet og kruset hår
  • Giver fugt og glans til livløst hår
  • Stimulerer hårvæksten
  • Lavet specielt til hår med tekstur
  • Naturlige olier og økologiske ekstrakter.
  • Størrelse 227 gr.
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As I Am – Dry & Itchy Leave-In Conditioner

  • Uden sulfat og silikone
  • Kan bruges i vådt og tørt hår
  • God til styling
  • Efterlader håret glansfuldt og fugtet
  • Bekæmper kløende hovedbund og skæl
  • Indeholder: Fugt
  • Størrelse: 237 ml.
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The story of As I Am

Dr. Ali N. Syed, a hair care chemist, has developed hair care products for various brands around the world. At one point, however, he discovered that there was a gap in the market and decided to fill this.

Many - especially women - sought out Dr. Sewed to find out what products they should use for their tightly curled lures. He had a hard time responding to that, because even though he had already developed all kinds of hair products over time, he could sense that none of them perfectly fulfilled the demands and wishes of the users. The frustration was great, which is why he set out to create his own line of hair care products specially developed for dense hair.

Dr. Syed allied with more than 20 different hair care chemists and hairdressers as well as a host of happy test takers to develop products that meet users' needs and needs. Prior to it all lay countless hours of research, where Dr. Syed, among other things, read posts on debate forums and blogs about curly hair to become smarter in the market.

Throughout the research, Dr. Syed and his team of specialists gradually figured out what users wanted and didn't want. Among other things, they found that for many, it is not just about finding products that make the curls look their best; they must simultaneously care for the hair and help keep it healthy and strong. In addition, hair care products should be as natural as possible, as users do not want to fill their beautiful curls with additives and chemicals. With the important knowledge in place, the entire As I Am team started developing curly hair products.

Hair care products without drying alcohols, sulphates and silicones

All the products from As I Am can be used for The Curly Girl-methodwhich, in short, is about grooming curly hair in the most appropriate, natural and gentle way. This means, among other things, that the products must not contain harmful ingredients such as silicone, drying alcohols and sulphates, and none of the delicious cases from As I Am do.

Many hair care products - especially conditioners - contain silicone. The silicone wraps around the hair like a membrane, which immediately makes it look healthier. The problem is simply that the silicone membrane prevents nourishing ingredients from penetrating the hair, and thus, for example, the hair does not always benefit from the other ingredients contained in the same conditioner.

In addition to not using the balm's nourishing ingredients optimally, it is also important that if you use a hair masque or a nourishing oil in hair that has previously been treated with a silicone-containing conditioner, the cure or oil will not be able to penetrate properly. So it is a dangerous "patch solution" to use silicone balm in.

In addition to being free of harmful substances, all the products of As I Am are also cruelty free, which means they have not been tested on animals. In addition, many products are vegan. Few of the hair care products from the completed fire contain milk or honey, but the vast majority are 100% plant-based.

Give your hair plenty of moisture and nourishment with As I Am

The thing is that curly hair needs more moisture than straight hair has. Especially if you have curly hair, you should do something special about grooming your lids if you want them to stay healthy and healthy - and amiable.

As the entire brand As I Am is developed with you with dense curls in focus, you can be sure that all the products from this particular brand contain plenty of moisture that will surely delight your curly lures. The products are specially designed to be moisturizing and softening, so that your curls gather, become resilient and are not nearly as wrinkled as they might otherwise be.

With many brands you can find products designed specifically for curly hair, but it is quite special for As I Am that the entire brand is dedicated to curls. Dr. Syed has received inquiries, advice and feedback from test persons with curly hair and in this way has managed to create an entire brand centered solely on the care and styling of beautiful curls.

Find everything for both care and styling here on the site

You can find everything you need in hair care and styling products in the As I Am range. They are among other things behind washing and cleaning products, conditioners, hair cures and, of course, gels and creams. Whatever you are missing to perfect your hair care and styling routine, you have landed in the right place.

Using the products of this brand, you can make your curls more lively and resilient and make sure they last the definition for a long time. The As I Am cases are designed to minimize frizz and give your curls the boost they sometimes need. At the same time, the products are, of course, developed with a view to not being onerous or greasy.

Whether you are looking for hair washing products, particularly intense care products or beautiful, natural styling products, you can find the perfect solution in the selection from As I Am. If you want to give your curls maximum love, you can benefit from combining several different products from this curly-dedicated brand. That way, you are sure your curls will get the absolute best treatment.

Take a look at As I Am today and find your new favorites - your curls will thank you for it!