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With the products from Olaplex you get first aid for dry and damaged hair. In other words, it is a miracle cure for you who have long struggled with damaged hair and who would like to rebuild and care for your hair, whether you have colored, frizzy or curly hair.

På kort tid er Olaplex blevet en meget populær behandling, som bruges både af frisørsaloner og hjemme på badeværelset, og det er der gode grunde til. Olaplex er nemlig ikke en ganske almindelig hårkur, der blot blødgør håret. Olaplex sørger for, at håret bliver stærkere og sundere, som du aldrig har set det før. Her på siden finder du lækre Olaplex-produkter til hårpleje, som uden tvivl vil få dine krøller frem på ny og reducere tørt hår. CurlsForYou er autoriseret forhandler af Olaplex.

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Olaplex – Hair Perfector No.3

259,00 DKK
  • SEK: 405,67SEK
  • EUR: €34,71
  • Det bedst sælgende produkt fra Olaplex
  • Intensiv kurbehandling, der effektivt genopbygger hårets inderste
  • Reparerer skadet og slidt hår
  • Fungerer på alle hårtyper
  • Styrker og beskytter håret mod fremtidig slitage
  • Size: 100 ml
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Olaplex – Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment No.0

279,00 DKK
  • SEK: 437,00SEK
  • EUR: €37,39
  • Første step i den populære Olaplex-kur
  • Genopbygger svovlbroerne i håret med op til 68 % mere styrke
  • Anvendes i kombination med Olaplex No.3
  • Reparerer håret i dybden og intensiverer bruger af No.3
  • Kan anvendes til alle hårtyper
  • Size: 155 ml.
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Olaplex – Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum No.9

259,00 DKK
  • SEK: 405,67SEK
  • EUR: €34,71
  • Plejende og beskyttende letvægtsserum til alle hårtyper
  • Virker beskyttende mod luftforurening og varme
  • Trænger dybt ind i hårstråene og virker reparerende
  • Hjælper mod kruset, statisk og filtret hår og efterlader det blødt og glansfuldt
  • Størrelse: 90 ml
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What type of treatment is Olaplex?

Olaplex contains a patented molecule that rebuilds hair 99.9%. It penetrates deep into the hair and links the sulfur bridges and salt compounds in the hair that have been broken by coloring, bleaching or ordinary wear. When the hair becomes worn and dry, it is because these bridges and connections have been broken, and Olaplex goes in and repairs. The product thus strengthens the hair throughout.

Want to know more about the science behind curls and how your hair is actually built up? Then read our post ”Why do you have curly hair?”.

Olaplex products have become very popular with both hairdressers and private individuals. The products are often used in connection with color treatments, as the coloring can give dry curls. Especially if you have dyed your hair for an extended period of time without giving it the care it needs. Olaplex is especially used by those who need to have their hair lightened as it can ruin the hair when you get a lighter hair tone than your own.

Olaplex is also a good hair product for curls. This is because it is effective in giving moisture to curly hair and getting your curls out again if you have struggled with dry and worn hair for a long period of time. You may have tried several products without success, but with these products you need look no further. Here you get a hair product for curls that lives up to expectations and does what it has to - and a little extra.

The story behind the development of Olaplex

Olaplex was launched back in 2014, and since then it has gone strong for the brand. With Olaplex, a completely new way has been invented to repair damaged and dry hair, but also a way to prevent it.

One of the reasons why it has also become so popular worldwide is because it is a treatment that can be used by everyone. The treatment not only addresses one hair type, but works for all hair types. Olaplex therefore also works really well for dry or colored curls.

The treatment started with Dean Christal, who is a well-known guru in the beauty world. He had long thought about how he could solve the problems of damaged and dry hair. After a meeting with chemists Craig Hawker and Eric Pressly, they came up with a solution that has not been seen before.

Together, they found that it is not the external causes that need to be worked on, but the internal ones - that is, the sulfur bridges and salt bonds that are broken by wear and tear. Based on that, they invented the molecular treatment Olaplex, which rebuilds the hair completely from the inside out. Since then, the product has become known worldwide and is used extensively by both professionals and individuals.

How to use Olaplex

Olaplex is not a regular hair treatment for dry hair like those that are otherwise available on the market. The regular hair masks for dry hair give a temporary effect by putting a film around the hair that makes it shiny and feels soft. After some time, however, the effect disappears again and a hair treatment must be used again.

When you use Olaplex, you get a lasting result instead. Your hair is being repaired and it is getting stronger and healthier than ever before. This means that it will therefore not feel soft as with the other hair cures, as it will be rebuilt instead of putting a short-lived membrane around the hair. And this is true whether you have a lot of curls, few curls or straight hair.

The Olaplex series consists of several products, some of which are intended for professional use and others for home use. Many hairdressers use Olaplex in connection with color treatments and can also offer an Olaplex Stand Alone treatment, so you get the best result.

However, it is always recommended that you continue to use the products at home so that you continue the rebuilding of your hair and maintain it.

Olaplex No.3 is the hair treatment that you can use at home. It repairs the hair from the inside out and makes sure to strengthen and protect the hair from wear and tear. However, the first step to the restorative cure at home starts with Olaplex No.0. It upgrades your treatment by three times as much when you use it before Olaplex no.3. It works completely in depth and intensifies the final result.

Buy Olaplex for your curls at Curlsforyou

At Curlsforyou you will find a selection of Olaplex products, so you can start rebuilding your hair and get healthy and strong curls. Life is too short for broken hair, but with the products from Olaplex you can happily do something about it and prevent it. Your hair will be healthier than ever before and your curls will reappear.

Når du køber dine Olaplex-produkter hos os, kan du forvente hurtig levering med en leveringstid på 1-3 hverdage. Du slipper derfor for at vente længe på dine nye produkter. Derudover får du fri fragt i Danmark, når du forkæler dit hår for mere end 600 kr.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions about the products, your order status or anything else. You can contact us via our customer service, where you can both write and call us, so you end up with the right purchase.

Dive into the selection today and find your favorites. Your hair will love you for it!