Curls require time. Care. Moisture and glass. Curlsmith is one of the first gourmet hair care brands on the market created for curly hair. Among the offerings you will find curling cream, organic hair shampoo and other organic hair care products. Are you looking for products that are created with great passion for curly hair? Then Curlsmith is a good choice for you. We guarantee that you will find the best curling cream in the range, among other things.

Curlsmith's vision is to provide food for the world's curls. Over time, the brand has been inspired by homemade hair remedies. You therefore get a hair care here that combines organic and rare ingredients. The blend creates the Premium products Curlsmith is known for offering. The special thing about the products is that they are fragrant, nourishing and satisfying.

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Curlsmith – Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash

  • Incredibly gentle and effective co-wash.
  • Actively helps remove dirt and old product residues.
  • Gentle on the scalp.
  • Leaves curls manageable, soft and shiny.
  • Contains ingredients that allow you to use your co-wash every day.
  • Size: 350 ml.
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CurlSmith – Weightless Air Dry Cream

  • Plejende leave-in-balsam med et højt indhold af plejende næringsstoffer
  • Bidrager til at tæmme dine krøller og gøre dem nemmere at style
  • Velegnet til Curly Girl-metoden
  • Får dine krøller til at træde mere tydeligt frem og fremstå veldefinerede
  • Efterlader håret silkeblødt og tilfører fugt
  • Size: 237 ml
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CurlSmith – Wash & Scrub Detox Shampoo

  • Plejer og vedligeholder din hovedbund og sikrer de bedste betingelser for sund hårvækst.
  • Produktet er udvalgt med særlig omtanke for Curly Girl-metoden.
  • Renser din hovedbund for snavs og rester af gamle stylingprodukter.
  • Brug produktet i vådt hår, og massér produktet grundigt ind i hovedbunden.
  • Afrensende scrub, der sikrer et stærkt, smukt og sundt hår.
  • Size: 250 ml
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Curlsmith – Multi-tasking Conditioner

  • 3-i-1-fugtighedscreme til håret
  • Gør håret stærkere og får det til at se mere elastisk ud
  • Leave-in-balsam eller almindelig balsam
  • Proteinrig balsam
  • Indeholder forskellige olier og naturingredienser
  • Størrelse: 237 ml.
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Curlsmith – Hair Makeup Temporary Color Styling Gel

  • En midlertidig farve- og styling-gel
  • Indeholder pigmenter fra makeup og derfor ikke almindelig hårfarve
  • Supernem at bruge efter hårvask
  • Skader ikke hovedbunden eller håret
  • Kan bruges i alle hårtyper og hårfarver.
  • Størrelse: 88 ml
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CurlSmith – Hydro Style Flexi Jelly

  • Stylinggel, der sikrer et medium hold til dine krøller og styling
  • Velegnet til både krøllet og bølget hår
  • Gelen definerer dine krøller og gør håret nemmere at style og tæmme
  • Stylinggelen er vegansk
  • The product has been carefully selected for the Curly Girl method
  • Size: 250 ml
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Curlsmith – Bond Curl Rehab Salve

  • Præ-shampoobehandling
  • Proteinrig
  • Styrker og reparerer håret indefra og ud
  • Blanding af aktive ingredienser
  • Gendanner hårfiberstyrken
  • Størrelse: 237 ml.
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Curlsmith – Feather-light Protein Cream

  • Proteinrig stylingcreme
  • Passer til enhver krølletype
  • Efterlader håret fugtigt og elastisk
  • Baseret på organiske ingredienser
  • Vegansk stylingprodukt
  • Størrelse: 237 ml.
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CurlSmith – Double Cream Deep Quencher

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Curlsmith – Curl Defining Styling Souffle

  • 2-i-1-produkt med krøllecreme og stylinggel i én
  • Velegnet til krøllet hår og Curly Girl-metoden
  • Definerer dine krøller, så de fremstår skarpe og tydelige
  • Giver et medium hold til din styling og frisure
  • Kan med fordel anvendes i fugtigt hår for det optimale resultat
  • Størrelse: 227 ml
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Curlsmith – Hold Me Softly Style Balm

  • Fantastisk krøllecreme med let hold.
  • Krøllecremen efterlader et blødt, naturligt og fleksibelt resultat uden at efterlade det stive resultat i håret, man kender fra andre produkter.
  • Anvend produktet i let vådt eller fugtigt hår.
  • Fremhæver og definerer dine naturlige krøller.
  • Velegnet til Curly Girl-metoden.
  • Size: 250 ml
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Curlsmith – Bouncy Strength Volume Foam

  • Proteinrig stylingskum
  • Giver håret god volumen
  • Velegnet til krøller
  • Indeholder organiske ingredienser
  • Styrker og plejer håret
  • Size: 222 ml
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We believe in DIRTY HANDS and CLEAN Business

For Curlsmith, a transparent supply chain is important. They stand up for justice and the idea that all their ingredients are bought in countries located in remote parts of the world. They want to collaborate and support the communities where their ingredients come from. That is why they are also incredibly proud of the collaboration they have with local communities. Their hearts are burning for the small communities around the world, and they know how much is being boned when the raw materials are harvested by tenacious people.

For Curlsmith, it is therefore important to focus on the fact that all their purchased ingredients are organic. In other words, you get hair care products without sulfates, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, phthalates and DEAs. All the brand's products are tested on humans and never animals. That's why Curlsmith is certified by The Vegan Society and PETA.

Trades with experts

Whether you buy curling cream or something else organic among Curlsmith's offerings, you must know that there is a skilled backyard behind the offer. The brand has created their hair care in collaboration with well-known trichologists and hairdressers who are experts in curls. In addition, they have been working closely with beauty experts and bloggers along the way.

Behind Curlsmith's vision and products lies a great passion for curls. Therefore, they have carefully researched the science of curl growth, curl maintenance and more. They have acquired all the knowledge they could to create organic hair products for curly hair.

Before Curlsmith started the production of hair care, they sought to gain greater knowledge of girls and women with curly hair. The purpose was to become wiser about the hair problems that can occur with curly hair. The products they subsequently set out to create should all be able to solve the challenges that girls / women with curly hair experience in time and out of time.

Therefore, the production took place in close collaboration with both girls / women and experts. Everyone was involved in the development, from the choice of ingredients to the design of the packaging itself. When Curlsmith finally stood with their finished products in hand, they tested them on hundreds of people with curly hair - including friends and acquaintances who stood ready to help.

Find the right curling cream

Among Curlsmith's wide range, you will find, among other things, curling creams for the hair, created for the perfect styling of curly hair. Among the various curling creams, you get light gels that soften the curls and make them easier to style. In addition to the creams being ideal for styling the perfect hairstyle, you also get good hair care in the products.

Curlsmith has made sure that all their products leave the hair moist and strong. There is therefore ample opportunity to find the best curling cream on the site. If you also want hair care tips, you can read more in our Curly Girl Method. During step two, you will find the most useful tips on how to style your curly hair with, among other things, curl cream, so that the curls gather and get the structure you dream of.

If you are looking for a good curling cream for curls, there is plenty of opportunity to find the right one at Curlsmith.

Organic hair care

All hair types deserve the right care. That's why Curlsmith has created a universe of organic products certified by The Vegan Society and PETA. All products are suitable for the Curly Girl method, which encourages the use of natural products that do not contain alcohols, sulphates or silicone. To give your curly hair the best hair care, Curlsmith products are therefore the right choice in the development of healthier hair.

It is therefore generally recommended that you completely avoid hair products that contain harmful substances. To moisturize and care for your hair appropriately, you can also choose between organic hair shampoos, conditioners, oils, serums or scrubs. Curlsmith has made sure to produce a number of different products, each of which is gentle, gentle and effective.

For many women and girls with curly hair, it can be difficult to choose the right shampoo. Among Curlsmith's offerings you have the opportunity to find the best hair shampoo online. If you are looking for cheap hair care that is at the same time effective and created for curly hair, then this is the page you should take the time to look for. You will also find organic shampoos below washing and cleaning products. Find the perfect hair shampoo online.

Products for dry and itchy scalp

If you experience dry and itchy scalp, then you have also landed in the right place. At Curlsmith you will also find oils that are particularly suitable for rashes and irritated scalp. The products are made from vegan ingredients, which help fight irritation of the scalp. With the right hair care, you can therefore achieve a natural balance that contains all the right nutrients that are needed for the scalp to be healthy.

Curlsmith has the philosophy that a beautiful and healthy hair starts from the scalp. Therefore, it is generally important to have a good cleansing that protects the scalp barrier and leaves a healthy environment for the hair follicles. To achieve the healthy environment of the scalp, a Wash & Scrup from Curlsmith is a good choice. If you want to know more about a dry and itchy scalp, you get here five tips to avoid a dry scalp.

We guarantee that you will find your new favorite products in Curlsmith's range.