Many people think that "just" conditioner is something you get in your hair after the usual wash with shampoo - primarily to make hair easier to straighten. But conditioner is much more than that. Whether you are born with the most beautiful curls or the finest smooth hair, conditioner is an important part of your hair care. Good hair care is especially important if you have a tendency to dry hair, and here on the site you will find both conditioners for washing, nourishing conditioners and leave-in conditioners approved for the Curly Girl method. Find your next favorite conditioner, or read much more about why conditioner is so good for your curls, here on the site.

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Innersense – Hydrating Cream Conditioner

109,00 DKK699,00 DKK
  • SEK: 164,00SEK - 1.051,69SEK
  • EUR: €14,62 - €93,78
  • Made from natural, organic ingredients
  • A luxurious, moisturizing conditioner
  • Developed for thick, curly and dry hair
  • Contains orange blossom oil, aloe vera and mono oil
  • Reduces frizz in the hair
  • Contains moisture and protein.
  • Size: 59/295/946 ml.
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Innersense – Color Radiance Daily Conditioner

109,00 DKK669,00 DKK
  • SEK: 164,00SEK - 1.006,55SEK
  • EUR: €14,62 - €89,75
  • Nourishing conditioner without sulfates, silicone or parabens
  • Is good for thick and curly hair
  • Made from natural, organic ingredients
  • Enriches the hair with moisture and protects the color
  • Contains rice bran oil, avocado oil, aloe vera and green tea extract
  • Contains moisture and protein.
  • Size: 59/295/946 ml.
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Innersense – Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner

109,00 DKK219,00 DKK
  • SEK: 164,00SEK - 329,50SEK
  • EUR: €14,62 - €29,38
  • A moisturizing leave-in conditioner that gives new energy to the hair
  • Contains both moisture and protein
  • Works for all hair types
  • Gives shine to your curls
  • Contains emollient oils as well as fragrant herbs and flower essence
  • Size: 59/295 ml
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Innersense – Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner

109,00 DKK669,00 DKK
  • SEK: 164,00SEK - 1.006,55SEK
  • EUR: €14,62 - €89,75
  • A light and moisturizing conditioner that makes hair shiny
  • Contains both moisture and protein
  • Has the best effect in fine to medium fine hair
  • Reduces frizz in the hair
  • Contains rice bran oil, shea butter, aloe vera and oil from orange blossoms
  • Size: 59/295/946 ml.
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Innersense – Travel Trio

199,00 DKK
  • SEK: 299,41SEK
  • EUR: €26,70
  • Three different travel sets with hairbath, conditioner and leave-in conditioner, all in 59 ml bottles
  • Pure Trio Collection has a caring effect on fine or normal hair
  • Color Trio Collection works best for chemically processed hair
  • Hydrate Trio Collection moisturizes dry, coarse and / or curly hair
  • All products are 100% color-safe
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As I Am – Leave-In Conditioner

99,00 DKK
  • SEK: 148,95SEK
  • EUR: €13,28
  • Fjerner knuder og filtret hår
  • Tilfører massevis af fugt
  • Giver håret en god base før styling
  • Indeholder styrkende og naturlige ingredienser
  • Fremskynder hårets vækst.
  • Size: 237 ml
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Bouclème – Curl Conditioner

179,00 DKK
  • SEK: 269,32SEK
  • EUR: €24,01
  • Let og skøn balsam med fugtgivende egenskaber
  • Virker blødgørende
  • Hjælper med at gøre håret medgørligt og fri for filtrede totter
  • Gør håret glansfuldt og giver smukke, bløde krøller
  • Size: 300 ml
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As I Am – Detangling Conditioner

99,00 DKK
  • SEK: 148,95SEK
  • EUR: €13,28
  • Efterlader håret blødt og glansfuldt
  • Styrker og reparerer beskadiget hår
  • Indeholder naturlige ingredienser
  • Nærer og fugter håret
  • Indeholder fugt og protein
  • Size 237 ml.
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As I Am – Dry & Itchy Conditioner

139,00 DKK
  • SEK: 209,13SEK
  • EUR: €18,65
  • Lindrer tør og kløende hovedbund
  • God til at rede/fingerrede håret
  • Tilfører fugt
  • Bekæmper skæl
  • Fremmer glas og styrker og reparerer håret
  • Størrelse: 355 ml.
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Aunt Jackie’s – Quench Leave-In Condtioner

85,00 DKK
  • SEK: 127,89SEK
  • EUR: €11,40
  • Super fugtgivende leave-in-balsam
  • Ideel til ekstra pleje af krøllet hår
  • Plejer, fugter og blødgør håret uden at tynge det
  • Oplagt at bruge op til styling af krøllerne
  • Size: 355 ml
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Bounce Curl – Moisture Balance Leave-In Conditioner

259,00 DKK
  • SEK: 389,68SEK
  • EUR: €34,75
  • Styling- og leave-in-creme, der tilfører glans og blødgør dine hårstrå.
  • Indeholder middelhavsolierne egyptisk neroliolie, jojobaolie, olivenolie, bukkehornsolie og arganolie.
  • Produktet kan med fordel anvendes efter hårvask eller som daglig base for din styling.
  • Efterlader dit hår med et skinnende, blødt og sundt resultat.
  • Velegnet til krøllet hår og Curly Girl-metoden.
  • Protein free
  • Size: 117 ml
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Moistful Curl – Curl Enhancing Conditioner

99,00 DKK
  • SEK: 148,95SEK
  • EUR: €13,28
  • Plejende, sulfatfri balsam til krøllet hår
  • Indeholder blandt andet avocado og blåbær
  • God til at afhjælpe knuder og krus i håret
  • Fugter og styrker håret
  • Size: 473 ml
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What is conditioner?

A balm (or conditioner in English) is a care used to close the hair strands and encapsulate the hair with moisture and protection. It is typically used as the last part of the hair wash to give the hair moisture and care and thus give it a more glossy look. A conditioner typically needs to be massaged into the lengths of the hair and should sit for a few minutes before washing it out. Therefore, a proper conditioner for your hair type will give the hair the right amount of moisture, but never heavier or oily hair.

Why use a conditioner?

A conditioner gives the hair a lot of moisture and nourishment, and especially dry hair and filtered hair have really good conditioner. However, it is important that you choose a conditioner that suits your hair type. Otherwise, you may just be using the conditioner to give you oily or heavy hair, and no one is dreaming about it. The Curly Girl method recommends that you use both a wash conditioner and a (care) conditioner when washing your curls, which must also be free of both silicone and sulfates. At Curls for You we agree.

How to use your conditioner according to the Curly Girl method

At Curls for You we sell a lot of products that are suitable for the Curly Girl method. Don't you know it? Then it's a good idea to read ours blog post about the Curly Girl method.

In short, the Curly Girl method is about looking after her curls and loving them exactly as they are. To emphasize the natural shine of the curls, add them a lot of moisture and recover the delicious bounce of the curls, the Curly Girl method uses the so-called co-wash. Co-wash is an abbreviation for conditioner only wash, and with this method you therefore wash your hair with a silicone-free conditioner, among other things, to preserve the hair's natural fats. Such a balm is also called one co-wash (conditioner wash), and visit our site vask & rens, you will find some of the best curls for curls on the market.

To give your hair extra care and add an extra amount of moisture to your curls, use a nourishing conditioner for the length of your hair after using your wash conditioner. In addition, if your hair tends to get very frizzy and dry between washings, you can use a leave-in conditioner. Both after your hair wash, but also for daily use.

Here on the site you will find a wide range of both nourishing conditioners and leave-in conditioners, which are guaranteed to give your curls the moisture they need to become their best selves.

(Care) Conditioner vs. leave-in conditioner

A nourishing conditioner is essential to provide the extra moisture that the curls need. A nourishing conditioner is used for lengths and helps to moisturize the hair and also makes it much easier to detangle (straighten the filtered hair) with your fingers or a broad combed brush.

A leave-in conditioner provides extra moisture between your hair washes. For example, if your curls tend to fall out during the days between hair washing, or you often wake up with very filtered and frizzy hair, then a leave-in conditioner can help rebuild the curls and soften the hair by adding the extra moisture . A leave-in conditioner can both be obtained as a cream, but is also very popular as a spray conditioner. With a conditioner spray, it is easy to spread your leave-in conditioner evenly in the hair and ensure that every strand of hair is moisturized.
You can read more about how to use the different conditioners under our product pages.

Find your new conditioner at CurlsForYou

At CurlsForYou you will find a wide variety of hair care products including several different brands of nourishing conditioner, hair wash conditioner and leave-in conditioner. Common to all of our conditioners is that they add a lot of moisture, nourishment and care to your hair, so you can get the curls you dream of. In addition, they are all approved by the Curly Girls method, so you are sure not to put unnecessary and drying ingredients in your hair.

When you shop at CurlsForYou, you get free shipping when you buy more than 500 kr. (depends on country) We also strive for a short delivery time, and you can expect to receive your products in 1-3 business days. Then you are one step closer to the dream curls.

If you have any further questions about us, our products, delivery or anything else, you are always welcome to contact us on phone 30 34 44 33 or via our contact form.