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Sometimes it's just practical to be able to give your hair a refresh without having to go through an actual hair wash. It can be in the morning, where you would otherwise have been in the shower and also washed your hair, but run out of time, or it could be in connection with training, where you subsequently just want to freshen your hair up instead of having to go through a whole washing routine. And here a dry shampoo is quite ideal for the purpose, as you with one - as the name so nicely suggests - do not need water to "wash" your hair.

As mentioned, a dry shampoo can prove to be quite practical when, for example, you are on the go, on a tent trip, for training and much more, where it is not straightforward to wash your hair in the usual way. But in addition, it can also be good to use if, for example, you are among those who do not wash their hair every day - because the hair does not benefit from it at all. However, if the scalp and hair start to feel greasy and / or dirty, a dry shampoo is obvious to use to freshen it all up.

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Bouclème – Foaming Dry Shampoo

199,00 DKK
  • SEK: 311,05SEK
  • EUR: €26,67
  • Shampoo-skum til tør hårvask
  • Indeholder blandt andet aloe vera, spearmint og pebermynte
  • Rensende og opfriskende effekt for hår og hovedbund
  • Godt til hovedbund med tendens til at blive fedtet
  • Perfekt at bruge mellem hårvaske-dage og efter træning
  • Size: 100 ml
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Chey – Volume Powder

99,00 DKK
  • SEK: 154,74SEK
  • EUR: €13,27
  • Vegansk og pakket i plastikfri emballage
  • Passer til alle hårtyper
  • Uden parabener, sulfater og silikone
  • Godkendt til Curly Girl-metoden
  • Kan også anvendes som tørshampoo
  • Størrelse: 10 g
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Chey – Dry Shampoo

119,00 DKK
  • SEK: 186,01SEK
  • EUR: €15,95
  • Naturlig og vegansk tør-shampoo-pulver
  • Fyldt med sunde ingredienser, der forkæler dit hår
  • Rensende og opfriskende effekt for hår og hovedbund
  • God til alle hårtyper og -farver
  • Ideel til genopfriskning af hår og hovedbund mellem hårvaske-dage
  • Størrelse: 45 g
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How does a dry shampoo work?

A dry shampoo is available in different versions, including as a spray, foam or powder, but the effect and purpose is the same: to cleanse the hair / freshen it up without the use of water. The contents of a dry shampoo go in and cleanse hair and scalp by absorbing the grease and dirt that is in "surplus", so you can get a refreshing feeling. The actual hair washing may thus be delayed a bit, making it a really practical tool for many people.

However, dry shampoo should not replace real hair washing as caring shampoos and conditioners give the hair a lot of good and important things for its well-being, which a dry shampoo can not offer. Therefore, still remember the healthy hair care routine - and use a dry shampoo for the days when it comes into its own and can help make things stick together.

How to use a dry shampoo

A dry shampoo is available as mentioned in several different versions, but all kinds will act as a kind of powder / powder in the hair when it is distributed in it. A dry and loose mass that is sprinkled, sprayed or distributed as hair foam in the hair. When you use a dry shampoo, the hair must of course be dry, and the product is used based on the scalp. It will also typically be here that one experiences the greasy, dirty (and perhaps itchy) feeling that can make one sigh after a real hair wash.

Once you have somehow got dry shampoo in your hair, massage the scalp with it before it is allowed to soak for up to a few minutes. Then it should be combed out in the rest of the hair - if you have curls, it is best to do with one wide-toothed comb or just the fingers. Be aware that there may be excess "shampoo powder" in the hair that can cause white stains, so it is a good idea to shake or comb this out of the hair at the same time. And otherwise, just enjoy a now refreshed hair splendor and scalp.

Why should I use dry shampoo?

Some will probably think that a dry shampoo is not for them at all, while others will quickly be able to see the practicalities of such a remedy - and others may still want to never use anything else. The latter will probably be a bad idea, as a dry shampoo as I said can not replace a caring shampoo and also can have a too drying effect on hair and scalp by too frequent use. However, having the opportunity to freshen up your hair once in a while when time is tight or water and hair washing is out of reach can be quite liberating and hugely practical.

As an added benefit, a dry shampoo also helps to add more volume to the hair, which may be needed after several days without washing hair or after a workout where the hair may have started to fall out a bit and needs a tweak. So overall, it's a matter of taste, need and hair temperament, whether a dry shampoo is for you. If this is a completely new concept for you, could it be that you have been inspired here to try whether such a thing could become a beneficial part of your everyday life?

Find dry shampoo at CurlsForYou

Here at CurlsForYou, we have started to collect a selection of dry shampoos, as we think it is a super useful and obvious product to have the opportunity to supplement the hair care routine with. Because there must be room to be busy and give it gas in everyday life - without neglecting your hair and look. Just as we also think it is quite smart to be able to freshen up her locks and soothe the scalp a little on the days when the hair is not washed.

Because there is something about washing your hair every day… It is not entirely optimal for the hair's health and natural balance. Like hair products with ”the forbidden ingredients" Nor does it do so much good for your hair when you look at it in the long run. That's why we at CurlsForYou want to inspire proper and healthy hair care (not least for curls) - by presenting and leading a wide range of good and nourishing hair care products from some selected manufacturers who all want to promote healthy hair care.

On this page, you can therefore be sure to find products without harmful alcohols, sulphates and silicone, but which are instead filled with natural and good ingredients that give your hair the moisture and nutrition it needs. Therefore, finally take an inspiration trip on this page and see if you can find products that suit you and your hair. And maybe also a dry shampoo for the busy days…