It may sound crazy, but nonetheless, it actually does not matter which towel you use to dry your hair after the bath. If you wrap a fairly ordinary towel around the hair while it is still wet, you risk damaging the hair unnecessarily much. Therefore, we recommend that you use a nice, soft cotton towel instead - or better yet: a microfiber towel. A soft towel is much milder with the delicate, wet hair strands, and in addition it works really well to squeeze the water out of the hair in a gentle way.

With a good towel, your styling begins as soon as you step out of the bath. On this page you will find some of the best towels for curls that are on the market. Go hunting in our range of towels for curls and your curls will thank you for it.

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Flora & Curl – Gentle Curl Towel

160,00 DKK
  • SEK: 241,39SEK
  • EUR: €21,45
  • Beskytter dine krøller, mens de tørrer
  • Er blødere og mere skånsomt end et normalt håndklæde
  • Mindsker hårets tørretid
  • Er nemt at benytte
  • Mindsker krus.
  • Størrelse: 140cm x 60cm
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Tee-Owel – T-shirt Håndklæde

299,00 DKK
  • SEK: 451,10SEK
  • EUR: €40,08
  • Skånsomt håndklæde i T-shirt-stof velegnet til krøller
  • Slider ikke på håret, som et almindeligt håndklæde gør
  • Passer på håret, mens det tørrer, og mindsker krus
  • Blødt håndklæde i 95% bomuld og 5% spandex med en fin vævning
  • Fås i to forskellige farver
  • Måler 66 x 110 cm
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Gently dry your hair with a microfiber towel

Many people dry their hair and curls after the bath by running a towel around their hair. We can in no way recommend this, as the violent treatment of the hair can do far more harm than good. Below we give you the simple explanation of why.

When hair gets wet, one can say that it almost swells up. When you then start messing around in your hair, it seems like when you rub sandpaper against wood - that is, it destroys the hair. Instead of the well-known "rooting technique", you can either press a microfiber towel lightly against the hair, or you can use the "plop" technique (also called plopping).

What is the plop technique (or plopping)?

Plopping is a technique used to towel dry wet hair so that the curls in the hair are promoted. The method can also be used in dry hair. If you want to do the best for your curls when you get out of the bath, use either a microfiber towel, a cotton towel or maybe just a cotton T-shirt as follows:

  1. Turn your head down and place your hair in the towel
  2. Now wrap the towel around the hair so that all the hair is gathered inside your towel
  3. Tie your towel so it can stick to the top of your head
  4. Now wait anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours before taking the towel off. The longer you leave the towel aside, the drier your hair will be. It can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the rest of your Curly Girl rutine.

Some also experience a great effect by ploping their hair after getting products into the hair. Do you use for example krølle gel or mousse til krøller, you can advantageously plop your hair after the products have come in. When the curls with their products come out of this plop, you will often find that you have a so-called cast (a stiff film around the hair shaft). Once the hair and product are completely dry, you can easily get rid of this cast by simply hugging the hair. Either with your hands or with your fiber towel.

You can read more about how to style your curls with this method, in our blog post about, cast.

What is a microfiber towel?

A microfiber towel is also known as a quick-drying towel, which is why many people probably think of the popular travel towels when we talk about fiber towels. If you are used to traveling with light luggage, you probably know the many general benefits of a microfiber towel such as:

  • it is light and weighs almost nothing
  • it dries incredibly fast
  • it is compact and therefore takes up very little space.

These are all some nice benefits, but in addition there is the great advantage that a microfiber towel is far healthier for hair and especially for curls. As you know, curly hair tends to get extra dry, and therefore it is also extremely important not to draw unnecessarily much moisture out of your hair. Your curls are particularly fragile when they have just been washed, and this is where the microfiber towel comes into the picture, as it just does not draw too much moisture out of the hair strands.

Why use a microfiber towel?

Rubbing your hair with a regular, inexpensive towel is not just bad for your curls - it's actually one of the worst things you can do, no matter what type of hair you have. Therefore, it can definitely pay off to invest in a proper towel for your hair. Many people are happy to choose microfiber towels, but a cotton towel or a bamboo fiber towel is also a good alternative to the regular towel.

When you choose to use a microfiber, bamboo or cotton towel, your hair will be dry but not over-dried. What happens when you use an ordinary towel is that an unnecessary amount of moisture is sucked out of your hair strands, and this causes them both to become dry and to break. When you use a towel for curly hair, you will instead find that your hair becomes softer to the touch, even after it has been towel dried.

Find the best fiber towel at CurlsForYou

At CurlsForYou we are passionate about curls, and our mission is that you should love your curls to be exactly as they are. That is why we sell a wide range of products, all of which have in common that they give your curls an optimal life and appearance. In addition, all our products are Curly Girl Approved, which means that none of our products contain sulfates, parabens, silicone or harmful alcohols. Therefore, you can safely shop your curl products with us, knowing that they do not harm your curls.

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