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Here you can find all the popular products in hair decorations and elastic bands. The amazing PuffCuff and elastics from CurlsForYou, the Zazzy Bandz hairbands or hair clips, you'll find it all here on the site.

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CurlsForYou – Silke Scrunchies Medium

49,00 DKK
  • SEK: 73.70SEK
  • EUR: €6.58
  • Silk scrunchie Medium from CurlsForYou
  • Avoid the wear and tear traditional hair elastics cause on your hair
  • Made from 100% mulberry silk
  • You receive your scrunchie in a nice, small bag, which you can use to store your elastic in the future
  • Available in the colors black, silver grey, champagne, light green, light blue, red and pink
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CurlsForYou – Silke Scrunchies Mini

45,00 DKK
  • SEK: 67.68SEK
  • EUR: €6.04
  • Lækkert og skånsomt scrunchie med et slankt design
  • Silke Scrunchies Mini fra CurlsForYou skåner dit hår for slid
  • Undgå det slid, som traditionelle hårelastikker og elastikker med metallukning forårsager
  • Fremstillet i 100 % Mulberry-silke
  • Fås i farverne black, silver grey, champagne, light green, light blue, red og pink.
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PuffCuff – Micro

219,00 DKK
  • SEK: 329.39SEK
  • EUR: €29.39
  • Klemme til at sætte finere og tyndere hår
  • På størrelse med en golfbold
  • Laver den perfekte knold, hestehale eller rottehaler
  • Ingen hovedpine, brud eller hårskader
  • Unisex-model
  • Pakken indeholder 5 stk.
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PuffCuff – Mini

214,00 DKK
  • SEK: 321.87SEK
  • EUR: €28.72
  • Klemme til at sætte i mellemtykt og krøllet hår
  • På størrelse med toppen af en sodavandsdåse
  • Laver den perfekte knold, hestehaler eller flere puffer
  • Ingen hovedpine, brud eller hårskader
  • Sort/Clear Unisex-model
  • Pakken inkluderer 3 stk
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CurlsForYou – Hårnåle

25,00 DKK
  • SEK: 37.60SEK
  • EUR: €3.35
  • Gode og enkle hårnåle til hverdag og fest
  • Hjælper med at holde frisuren på plads
  • Fås i farverne sort og mørk guld
  • Måler 4,5 cm
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PuffCuff – Teeny

219,00 DKK
  • SEK: 329.39SEK
  • EUR: €29.39
  • Klemme til at sætte tyndt hår med
  • På størrelse med en mønt
  • Laver den perfekte knold, rottehaler eller hestehale
  • Ingen hovedpine, brud eller hårskader
  • Unisex-model
  • Pakken inkluderer 5 stk
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PuffCuff – Junior

209,00 DKK
  • SEK: 314.35SEK
  • EUR: €28.05
  • Klemme til at sætte tykt og krøllet hår med tekstur
  • På størrelse med en tennisbold
  • Laver den perfekte puffer eller knold
  • Ingen hovedpine, brud eller hårskader
  • Unisex-model
  • Pakken inkluderer 2 stk.
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CurlsForYou – Stor Hårklemme

125,00 DKK
  • SEK: 188.01SEK
  • EUR: €16.77
  • Flot, mellemstor hårklemme
  • Måler 12 cm i længden og har en buet facon
  • Let, hurtig og praktisk at style håret med
  • Er behagelig at have i håret og sidder godt
  • Fås i 7 skønne farvevarianter
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By Stær – Aya Hårnål

30,00 DKK
  • SEK: 45.12SEK
  • EUR: €4.03
  • Flotte hårnåle i smukke farver og kombinationer
  • Praktiske og med masser af udstråling
  • Holder godt på håret uden at rive i det
  • Har buet facon og dermed god pasform
  • Måler 6 cm i længden og 0,6 cm i bredden
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PuffCuff – Original

199,00 DKK
  • SEK: 299.31SEK
  • EUR: €26.70
  • Klemme til at sætte i supertykt og krøllet hår med tekstur
  • På størrelse med en doughnut
  • Laver den perfekte puffer eller knold
  • Ingen hovedpine, brud eller hårskader
  • Unisex-model
  • Pakken inkluderer 1 stk
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By Stær – Agnes Hårklemme

120,00 DKK
  • SEK: 180.49SEK
  • EUR: €16.10
  • Smuk hårklemme i en mellem størrelse
  • Måler 11 cm i længden og har en buet facon
  • Gør det let at sætte håret flot op i en fart
  • Sidder godt i håret og føles ikke ubehagelig
  • Fås i flere forskellige flotte farver og mønstre
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By Stær – Vicky Hårbøjle

80,00 DKK
  • SEK: 120.32SEK
  • EUR: €10.74
  • Let bøjelig hårbøjle til store og små
  • Enkel og flot med crepet look
  • Er behagelig at have på og trykker ikke bag ørerne
  • Let og praktisk måde at sætte/style håret med
  • Fås i flere skønne farver
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Hair elastics

There is a sea of hair elastic on the market, and finding an elastic that suits your hair can be surprisingly difficult. That is, a hair elastic that is both strong enough to hold your hair up in your desired hairstyle, but which at the same time does not break your hair. In addition, it must be nice in its design so that it can be used as styling and, for example, compliment today's outfit. Also, a good hair elastic should not get too filtered in the hair as it can make it hard to get the elastic back out, and it is incredibly damaging to your hair and can cause many hair strands to break. Especially the old-fashioned metal closures are great culprits for all kinds of hair.

Fortunately, we have the answer to the perfect hair elastic for curly hair right here on the site. For example, see CurlsForYou's fine silk elastics, which are available in different sizes, depending on how thick your hair is. This elastic gives you the perfect combination of durability, design and practicality. We also sell the smart PuffCuff, which is designed to be able to style curly hair. With one such, you are guaranteed that your ponytail lasts all day without causing any breakage to your strands of hair. They are available in original, mini and junior, again based on how full your curly hair is. You can find the exact sizes of PuffCuff inside the different variants.

Hair clamps

Hair clamps for curly hair should be able to hold a little more than a regular hair clamp. Especially if you are the lucky owner of some big and full curls. On this page you will find By Stær's fine hair clips in different colors and models that can certainly assist you in the perfect look. It's just a matter of finding the perfect clamp for you.

They are easy to style the hair with and it is a simple and elegant way to get the hair away from the face. At the same time, the clamps are gentle on the hair, just as you will also experience that the many different hair clips from By Stær are. Here you have even more opportunities to create new, playful and beautiful hairstyles, where the different hairpins can offer practical properties and at the same time give a beautiful and smart look to your overall look.


Getting the hair away from the face can be especially relevant for you with long hair. And regardless of whether it's curly or not, it can be completely liberating to find some hair accessories that help keep your hair under control - and away from your face. And where hairclips and hairclamps can be helpful in their own way, hairbands can also be the right tool for you. And you have to say that hairbands are brilliant when it comes to style the hair in a hurry - but without compromising on style and radiance.

Here at CurlsForYou, you will find the slightly different hairbands Zazzy Bands, which are designed so that they sit in the hair a bit like a pair of sunglasses do, which gives a smart, casual look, and they do not tighten behind the ears. They are therefore comfortable to wear, while being practical, and they are available in several colors and patterns, so there is something for everyone. If you prefer the more "ordinary" hairbands, we also have a fine selection of such in different colors and design, so there are good opportunities for you to find one that suits you and your hair.

So overall, there is a lot to choose from here on the site when it comes to hair accessories. So you have good opportunities to find the piece of hair decoration that will be just right for you in the way you need and want to style your beautiful hair.