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What is my hair missing? Read about the stretch test

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Does your hair look dry, split, worn or just generally tired? Then there is a pretty good chance that your hair is not feeling optimally and that it is missing something. But before you go out and buy yourself poor in products that promise gold and green forests, it's a really good idea to find out what it really is your hair is missing. There is a big difference in which products you should have your fingers in, depending on whether your hair lacks protein or whether your hair lacks moisture.

In the post here you can read much more about what it means that the hair lacks protein and moisture, and at the same time you can read more about a very simple test you can perform to find out what your hair lacks.

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Why is it important for me to know if my hair lacks moisture or protein?

It is important for you to know whether your hair is in balance or whether it is lacking in moisture or protein. This knowledge is absolutely essential for you to be able to buy the right products, and thus also give your hair the right care.

If your hair is in balance, it will look healthy and well-groomed, while at the same time it will be easier to handle. If, on the other hand, your hair is out of balance, it will usually be less pliable and look more dry and worn.

However, once you have curly hair, your hair will generally tend to be drier than is the case with straight hair. Therefore, one may well be in doubt as to whether one’s hair is actually in balance but just lacking the right styling products, or whether the hair really lacks some moisture and / or protein.

How do I find out what my hair is missing? Protein- vs. Moisture test

With all the information on how important it is to find out what your hair is missing, we'd better get to the point: How do you find out what your hair is missing?

There is a very simple test that will let you know if your hair lacks moisture, protein or is already in balance. It is popularly called for the stretch test.

This is how the stretch test works

Before we get started, it is important to tell that for this test you will need a completely normal strand of hair from your head. However, do not pick one out of the scalp. It must have fallen off naturally - if you can not just find one, you can cut a small strand of hair.

Have you got a hair? Then we are ready for the test. It is quite simple and goes like this:

  • Grasp each end of the hair strand and pull it equally quietly from both ends.
  • If the hair is very elastic and can be stretched, the hair has too much moisture and lacks protein.
  • If the hair breaks almost immediately, it has received too much protein and it lacks moisture.

If it does not break immediately, but also does not seem unnaturally elastic, your hair is in high probability in balance. This means that it needs both products with protein and moisture, but not a preponderance of either.



Your hair lacks moisture

Your hair lacks protein

Your hair is in balance


Your hair does not stretch at all or very little before it breaks.

Your hair feels dry and almost hard.

=> You have too much protein

Your hair can be stretched a lot without breaking and seems unnaturally elastic.

Your hair feels dry and frizzy.

=> You have too much moisture

Your hair may stretch slightly (about 30%) and then retract to the starting point.

Your hair looks healthy, does not break and does not have worn ends.
=>Your hair is in balance


Your hair needs moisture. You can give it, for example, by investing in a moisturizing hairmask and maybe even an oil or leave-in conditioner.

Your hair needs protein. Therefore, you should invest in products with lots of protein in.

Simply continue the good routine.

Make sure to keep using good products with both moisture and protein so that your hair will continue to feel good.

Watch Jannelle O´Shaughnessy's video demonstration of the test below.

What can protein products do for my hair?

It may sound strange that our hair needs protein. But as you can also read in our post: "The science behind curls ”, Your hair actually consists of about 80% protein. Then it suddenly makes much more sense why the hair may need a little extra protein over time.

In the same way that our bodies need protein to function, the hair therefore also needs proteins so that it can grow and not break. In addition, protein keeps the moisture in the hair, and precisely because of this, a side effect of too much moisture and too little protein can be the elastic feeling in the hair at the same time as the hair still feels dry and frizzy.

Fortunately, there is a solution to protein deficiency in the hair: a protein cure. It can be, for example Protein Boost Deep Conditioning Hair Mask fra Chey or Uncle Funky´s Daughter – Heal & Renew Intensive Hair Masque.

Such a mask is able to supply the hair with proteins, which make it more resistant again. So it helps to repair the hair both on the outside and inside. For example, if there are holes in the cuticle layer of the hair (this layer you can also read much more about in the post about the science behind curls), a protein regimen can help close these holes again and create a strong barrier around each strand of hair. Thus, the hair is also protected from any harmful influences in the future.

Thus, a protein regimen has several benefits. It can:

  • repair damage to the hair and strengthen the individual strands of hair.
  • prevent split ends.
  • protect your hair from future harmful effects.

What can moisturizing products do for my hair?

If your hair lacks moisture, it means that you need to have your fingers in special moisturizing products. There are both delicious co-wash- and low-pooproducts as well as conditioners, hair masques and oils that are made to give your curls all the moisture they need. 

If your hair lacks moisture, it is also especially important to know how it is with the porosity of your hair. That is, the ability of the hair to absorb moisture. The porosity of your hair is very important for the type of moisturizing products that are best for your hair, as well as how you should use these products to get the most out of them.

You can read much more about this in our other blog post: Hair porosity, why is it important to me?

Do not forget to care for your hair from the inside out

Also remember that even if you use one after another delicious product for the hair, it is also important that you take care of your hair from the inside. For example, by drinking enough water and eating foods that contain the nutrients and proteins and minerals that your hair just really likes.

Want to know more about how to care for your hair from the inside out? So read on The great guide: How to eat (and drink) yourself for healthier hair and beautiful curls

Products with protein:

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Products with moisture:

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Bouclème – Curl Cleanser

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10 thoughts on “Hvad mangler mit hår? Læs om stræktesten

  1. Jane says:

    - great with suggestions for products. What do you recommend for balanced hair (inclined to missing a little protein)?

    1. CurlsForYou says:

      Hi Jane,
      we would immensely recommend Innersense as they contain both moisture and a little protein.
      It could be, for example, Innersense - Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner or Innersense - Color Radiance Daily Conditioner, the Hydrating series is the most nourishing, so thinking it will be too much moisture.
      Sincerely. CurlsForYou

      1. Selina says:

        Det passer da ikke.
        Hydrating er da den der indeholder mest protein – ik?

        1. CurlsForYou says:

          Hej Selina,

          Hydrating serien indeholder både mest protein og fugt. Så typisk vil vi anbefale Color serien, men det er individuelt 😉

  2. Nikoline says:

    Hej Curlsforyou,
    Jeg har læst jeres guides og har nu lavet stræktesten (i balance) og vandtesten (høj porøsitet). Jeg har brugt blondspray i lang tid (stoppede dog for 1 år siden). Hvad vil I anbefale til mig? Mit hår var hvidt blond da jeg var lille og blev leverpostejsfarvet omkring 15-års alderen. Brugte blondspray fra 19 års alderen til 22 års alderen. Nu er yderste lag blond og alt andet leverpostejsfarvet. Tak for virkelig godt indhold på siden!

    1. Tine Bergmann says:

      Hej Nikoline.
      Kan du ikke enten sende en mail til [email protected] eller sende en PM via Instagram, så vil jeg forsøge at hjælpe dig der.
      Med venlig hilsen
      Tine – CurlsForYou

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