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Do you also dream of beautiful and full curls with elasticity? With a nourishing and effective curling cream you can do just that. There is a wide range of curling creams and styling products for you with curls, but you will not miss out on a curl cream if you really want to define and highlight both small and large lures.

At CurlsForYou we offer a wide selection of hair products for curls, and curly cream is of course no exception. Whether you have small, fine curls or larger and fuller curls, you can find a curl that matches your desires and your hair type, so you are guaranteed beautiful and well-defined curls that get noticed.

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Innersense – I Create Volume

109,00 DKK598,00 DKK
  • SEK: 170,73SEK - 936,65SEK
  • EUR: €14,61 - €80,14
  • En styling lotion, med let hold, der giver dit hår den helt rigtige fylde
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients such as eucalyptus and risamino acid
  • Honey and aloe vera give shiny and fine hair
  • Adds moisture and protein to hair and hair roots
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Contains moisture and protein.
  • Size: 59/295/946 ml.
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Innersense – Quiet Calm Curl Control

109,00 DKK598,00 DKK
  • SEK: 170,73SEK - 936,65SEK
  • EUR: €14,61 - €80,14
  • A shaping styling cream that defines your curls
  • Works for all hair types
  • Leaves hair without frizz
  • Gives a hint of fresh citrus scent to the hair
  • Contains shea butter, rooibos and honey extract, among other things
  • Contains moisture
  • Size: 59/295/946 ml.
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Bounce Curl – Light Creme gel

239,00 DKK299,00 DKK
  • SEK: 374,35SEK - 468,33SEK
  • EUR: €32,03 - €40,07
  • An ultralight styling gel.
  • Defines the hair and highlights the natural shape of the curls.
  • Can be used for both wavy and curly hair.
  • Adds nourishment and volume.
  • Fås i to forskellige størrelser: 237/355 ml
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Innersense – Serenity Smoothing Cream

109,00 DKK669,00 DKK
  • SEK: 170,73SEK - 1.047,86SEK
  • EUR: €14,61 - €89,66
  • Fugtende og nærende styling-creme
  • Indeholder blandt andet avocado- og kokosolie
  • Afhjælper kruset hår
  • Kan bruges til alle hårtyper
  • Størrelse: 59ml/ 177 ml / 946 ml
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Cantu – Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream

79,00 DKK
  • SEK: 123,74SEK
  • EUR: €10,59
  • Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream aktiverer, definerer og fugter dine krøller
  • Understøtter hårets naturlige krøllemønster og struktur
  • Minimerer frizz og krus
  • Indeholder rent sheasmør og virker derfor blødgørende og fugtgivende
  • Velegnet til dig, der praktiserer Curly Girl-metoden
  • Contains moisture and protein.
  • Size: 355 ml
  • OBS nyt design
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Bouclème – Curl Cream

199,00 DKK
  • SEK: 311,70SEK
  • EUR: €26,67
  • Nærende og fugtgivende krøllecreme til stylingen
  • Gør krøllerne bløde, definerede og glansfulde
  • Modvirker kruset hår
  • Indeholder bl.a. sheasmør, kokosolie, grapefrugt og rosmarin
  • Size: 300 ml
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Bounce Curl – Avocado & Rose Oil Clump & Define Cream

259,00 DKK
  • SEK: 405,67SEK
  • EUR: €34,71
  • Krøllecreme med plejende egenskaber
  • Giver hold og volumen
  • Reparerer og genopretter
  • Høj koncentreret effekt
  • Indeholder 10 eksotiske olier
  • Protein free
  • Size: 117 ml
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Bounce Curl – Moisture Balance Leave-In Conditioner

259,00 DKK
  • SEK: 405,67SEK
  • EUR: €34,71
  • Styling- og leave-in-creme, der tilfører glans og blødgør dine hårstrå.
  • Indeholder middelhavsolierne egyptisk neroliolie, jojobaolie, olivenolie, bukkehornsolie og arganolie.
  • Produktet kan med fordel anvendes efter hårvask eller som daglig base for din styling.
  • Efterlader dit hår med et skinnende, blødt og sundt resultat.
  • Velegnet til krøllet hår og Curly Girl-metoden.
  • Protein free
  • Size: 117 ml
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Flora & Curl – Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion

159,00 DKK
  • SEK: 249,04SEK
  • EUR: €21,31
  • En skånsom krøllecreme til brug i fugtigt hår
  • Designet til at aktivere krøllernes naturlige form
  • Giver øjeblikkeligt mere definerede krøller
  • Indeholder kokosolie og blomsterekstrakt
  • Booster håret med fugt og protein
  • Størrelse 300 ml.
  • Nye design, nu i aluminiums flasker - der nemt får buler og mærker ved transport.
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As I Am – Twist Defining Cream

129,00 DKK
  • SEK: 202,05SEK
  • EUR: €17,29
  • Stylingcreme til krøllet og kruset hår
  • Giver fugt og glans til livløst hår
  • Stimulerer hårvæksten
  • Lavet specielt til hår med tekstur
  • Naturlige olier og økologiske ekstrakter.
  • Størrelse 227 gr.
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Bouclème – Discovery Set

449,00 DKK
  • SEK: 703,27SEK
  • EUR: €60,17
  • En samling af seks populære produkter fra Bouclème
  • Naturlige ingredienser og fri for parabener, sulfater og silikone
  • Blide produkter, der styrker krøllerne struktur
  • Giver håret fugt og intensiv pleje
  • Kommer i 100 ml rejseflasker
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Flora & Curl – Mini Essentials Kit

270,00 DKK
  • SEK: 422,90SEK
  • EUR: €36,18
  • Rejsesæt bestående af fem lækre hårprodukter.
  • Praktiske rejsestørrelser til tasken.
  • Plantedreven hårpleje uden kemi.
  • Passer til alle typer af krøller.
  • Indeholder blandt andet shampoo, balsam og krøllecreme.
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Curling cream defines the curls in the hair

Curling cream has risen in popularity in recent years and it is not without reason. With a good curl cream you can define and highlight your curls to make it look natural. However, in addition to defining the curls, a good curling cream can also add extra hold, so the curls stand great all day - and even several days in a row. It's something that most people with curls really appreciate!

Curl cream makes it possible to tame your curls and add a good amount of elasticity to them, giving you standalone curls with bounce and strong hold that can flutter nicely in the wind. Many people find that their curls are rippled or that they gather in several large tufts so that they do not really come into their own. You can just avoid this with a nourishing curl cream that avoids frizz and ensures that your curls do not accumulate in one big tot.

How should I apply curling cream?

Styling with curls can be done in several ways, and where curls were previously used primarily in dry hair, you can now also find variants suitable for use in moist and wet hair. At CurlsForYou we offer both curling cream that can be used in moist and dry hair, so you can find just the one that fits your curls and your styling temperament.

With a curl creme for moist and wet hair, you can both shape and create curls. Simply apply it to the towel-dried hair by warming the curling cream up to the palms and spreading it evenly throughout the hair. Then you can either air dry your hair or use a diffuser hair dryer if you also want to create even more volume in your hair.

In dry hair, a curl cream can refresh the curls instead. You can also "curl" the curls extra much with a dry hair curl cream, so the curls "gather" and get even closer.

Therefore, curl cream for curls is popular

Curl creme has many great features and in addition to defining and highlighting your curls, a good curl creme also adds hold and volume to your hair. Some curls even add moisture and care to the hair, which is especially important if you have frizzy curls that live their own lives. If you are looking for a curl creme for dry hair, be sure to find one that moisturizes, softens and nourishes them to make them look healthy and shiny.

Curl creme is also not only popular for women. Many men with natural curls or strong curls occasionally lose courage in the fight against the wild and unruly curls, which can cause them to cut their hair short or keep it in check with a powerful and strong hair wax. It's a pity, but fortunately curl creme can also easily be used by men.

There are exactly the same methods for men and women when it comes to taming a large, unruly and curly hair, so that the beautiful curls appear. At CurlsForYou, we carry a large selection of curling cream for men and women, and we leave it up to you to find exactly the curl creme that can control your curls - whether you are male or female.

Different Types of Curl Creme - Find Your Favorite

When you start the hunt for a good curl creme, it can sometimes be a jungle to find around. There are several different brands such as. Innersense, Bouclème and Only Curls as well as cream types that can help you tame and nourish your curls to keep them crisp - every day. You will find e.g. both a leave-in curl creams that gives hold and volume to your hair, while also making it wonderfully soft.

If you do not have wild and unruly curls, but with wavy hair, you can define and emphasize the natural, wavy shape of your curls with a light curl cream and at the same time add the nourishment and volume that make the curls look great and healthy. If you have tight and curly curls that you would like to stretch, you may want to go for a thinner curl for curls rich in proteins that can be applied in even the tightest and densest curls to create more life and rebuild your hair.

Buy curl creme with no harmful chemicals that match your hair to perfection

At CurlsForYou you will find a wide selection of hair products for curls. Common to our many hair products and curl cremes is that they are approved for the Curly Girl method. In short, this means that our various types of curling cream contain no silicone, sulfates, drying alcohols or other harmful chemicals that can eventually damage your hair and your natural curls.

Our silicone-free curl cremes is distinguished by not forming a membrane around the hair, as a silicone curl creams does. It makes it much easier for the nourishing, nourishing and natural ingredients to penetrate the hair, so your curls really come to their right - in the healthiest and most beautiful way.

Are you dreaming of a curl creme, a leave-in conditioner, a low-poo or a hair masque, which is based on natural ingredients and is free of harmful chemicals? In that case, you have landed in the right place. CurlsForYou brings delicious hair products that give your hair lots of love from wash to styling, and today you can find the perfect curl creme match on our site.