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Aunt Jackie’s - Curls and Coils makes hair products, all of which are Curly Girl approved based on the motto that better hair products result in healthier hair and better curls. Aunt Jackie’s focuses on making a selection of products that collectively solve all the problems you may experience with your curls. Curly hair, lack of fullness, dry hair, undefined curls and much, much more can be found in Aunt Jackie's range.

The range is built around the different types of curls and the challenges that can be. Whether you have wavy, curly or snake-curly hair, Aunt Jackie’s products are great for you. Buy your hair products online at, where you can find our selected Aunt Jackie’s favorites. Try hair care products in your own curls and feel the difference.

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Aunt Jackie’s – Quench Leave-In Condtioner

85,00 DKK
  • SEK: 132,86SEK
  • EUR: €11,39
  • Super fugtgivende leave-in-balsam
  • Ideel til ekstra pleje af krøllet hår
  • Plejer, fugter og blødgør håret uden at tynge det
  • Oplagt at bruge op til styling af krøllerne
  • Size: 355 ml
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Aunt Jackie’s – Frizz Patrol Anti Poof Setting Mousse

89,00 DKK
  • SEK: 139,11SEK
  • EUR: €11,93
  • Styling-mousse til krøllet og bølget hår
  • Afhjælper frizz og krus
  • Fugter og blødgør håret
  • Hjælper med at gøre krøllerne jævne, glansfulde og definerede
  • Størrelse: 244 ml
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Aunt Jackie’s – Power Wash Intense Moisture Clarifying Shampoo

89,00 DKK
  • SEK: 139,11SEK
  • EUR: €11,93
  • Fugtgivende, sulfatfri shampoo
  • Renser håret effektivt uden at udtørre og skade det
  • Hjælper med at holde på fugten og efterlader håret blødt
  • Indeholder naturlige ingredienser som vindruekerneolie, aloe vera og kokosmælk
  • Size: 355 ml
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Aunt Jackie’s – Rescued! Thirst Quenching Recovery Conditioner

99,00 DKK
  • SEK: 154,74SEK
  • EUR: €13,27
  • Genopbyggende conditioner til tørt hår
  • Er fugtgivende og reparerende
  • Kan bruges som plejebalsam og hårkur
  • Indeholder blandt andet avocadoolie og shea-smør
  • Størrelse: 426 g
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Aunt Jackie’s – Ice Curls Glossy Curling Jelly

89,00 DKK
  • SEK: 139,11SEK
  • EUR: €11,93
  • Fugtgivende stylinggel, der giver krøllerne liv og definition
  • Giver håret masser af glans og tynger ikke
  • Hjælper mod kruset hår
  • Indeholder blandt andet mandelolie og marshmallow-rod
  • Størrelse: 426 g
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Aunt Jackie’s – Curl Boss Coconut Curling Gelée

99,00 DKK
  • SEK: 154,74SEK
  • EUR: €13,27
  • Fugtgivende stylinggel til bølget eller krøllet hår
  • Giver definerede krøller, der holder hele dagen
  • Tynger ikke håret, men gør det blødt og glansfuldt
  • Tæmmer kruset hår
  • Størrelse: 426 g
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Aunt Jackie’s for all types of curls

’Better products. Better hair’ - that is, ‘Better products. Better hair ’. This is Aunt Jackie's hair philosophy. It encapsulates their entire purpose of doing hair care for curls. Aunt Jackie’s is fully invested and passionate about giving all types of curls the right, tailored care. The brand does both hair care for women and men with curls and has a huge assortment of delicious hair products. Whether you have slightly wavy hair, large and strong curls or very small snake curls - then there is definitely a product that suits you.

The products from Aunt Jackie's give all types of curls the right hair care. The products have a wonderful consistency, which is easy to work with. And then they smell of candy. A fragrance that naturally comes from natural essential oils. It gives you a very special feeling of wellness and self-pampering when you use them.

You will be able to see and feel a difference. Remember to be patient. It takes yours to repair any damage to your curls if you have previously heat treated them a lot. And then it is different what our hair each likes best. Give it a try and feel free to ask us for advice.

Aunt Jackie's curl care leaves your curls shiny, defined and well-groomed - every time. Every single product gets added to the unique, natural Aunt Jackie’s blend of natural oils and moisturizers, all of which come from good old mother earth.

Aunt Jackie’s is Curly Girl approved

Do you dream of embracing your curls 100% and giving them the right care so that they can freely utilize their healthy, natural curl pattern and structure? You can get that with hair products that live up to The Curly Girl-method for optimal hair care for curls. It is basically about adding as natural and genuine care as possible to your curly hair. That's what Aunt Jackie's hair products do - one by one.

Aunt Jackie’s is some of the best Curly Girl hair care for curls available on the market. The brand focuses on providing top quality hair products to your hair to allow your hair to live out its most beautiful and natural curl pattern. By caring for your curly hair properly, you simply get better curls.

That's why all Aunt Jackie's hair care products are for curly hair:

  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • With environmentally friendly preservation
  • Free of mineral oil
  • Free of petroleum
  • Only added natural fragrance
  • Moisturizing

This means that you, who follow the Curly Girl method, can confidently trust that Aunt Jackie’s only adds the best care and styling to your hair and does not contain ingredients that are not approved for Curly Girls and can damage your hair. For example, you do not have to worry about whether they contain silicone, which forms a film around your hair strands and prevents other care from penetrating properly. Because they do not. Aunt Jackie's products are completely natural.

However, the team behind the well-thought-out hair products for curls does not rest on its laurels. They are constantly developing and improving their product because ‘better products give better hair ’. They constantly want to surpass their previous top performance and are very responsive to their customers. One truly feels the passion to give curl tops the most suitable shampoo for curls, hair gel for curls and hair treatment for curly hair.

To give your hair the right care, it is important to find out what type of hair you have. Is your hair porous or not? Is it lacking in moisture or protein? You can find answers to this along with a wide range of other relevant topics to help you care for your curly hair and scalp, under our blog section.

Buy Aunt Jackie's at

Here at we want to give you the best care with our products. We hand-pick the brands you find on our webshop. We have no doubt that Aunt Jackie’s has its well-deserved place on our virtual shelves. That's why we have leave-in, gel, cleansing shampoo and antifrizz styling mousse from Aunt Jackie's on

For example, try the favorite with the fantastic reviews - namely Aunt Jackie’s - Quench Leave-In Conditioner. It absolutely keeps what they promise. It adds a lot of moisture to your hair and makes your hair soft and delicious. It is also very suitable for refreshing your curls when it is not a washing day.

Are you in doubt about which product to choose for your particular hair type? Then you are more than welcome to contact us so that your hair can get exactly the love and care it truly deserves.