Do you go and dream of curls, which species a little more, as you would like it. We with curls usually know well about the fact that curls just don't do as we please. Unfortunately, it can result in many being bored with their curly hair. That, we think at CurlsForYou, is a pity. We have a mission that everyone with curls must love and appreciate the curls. Therefore, we also only sell products that are approved for the Curly Girl method. On this page you will find our co-wash products that are typically used as part of a Curly Girl routine. Find your favorite products, get started with a good washing routine, and find that your curls suddenly appear as you want them to.

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As I Am – Coconut CoWash

109,00 DKK
  • SEK: 170,73SEK
  • EUR: €14,61
  • A gentle and cleansing conditioner that adds moisture to your curly hair
  • Selected with care for the Curly Girl method
  • Gently removes dirt and remnants of styling products in the hair
  • Can be used in both colored and natural hair
  • Made from natural and gentle ingredients
  • Contains moisture.
  • Size 454 gram.
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As I Am – Dry & Itchy CoWash

149,00 DKK
  • SEK: 233,38SEK
  • EUR: €19,97
  • Fugtgivende og plejende produkt til hår og hovedbund
  • Afhjælper kløe, irritation og skæl i hovedbunden
  • Adds a good shot of moisture to both hair and scalp
  • Contains both olive oil and the caring tea tree oil
  • The product has been carefully selected for the Curly Girl method
  • Size: 454 gr.
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Bouclème – Curl Cleanser

169,00 DKK
  • SEK: 264,71SEK
  • EUR: €22,65
  • The perfect co-wash for very dry hair
  • Helps hair regain moisture and shine
  • Gives your curls new life and cleanses your hair effectively
  • Contains natural ingredients such as coconut oil and argan oil
  • Vinder af Marie Claire Beauty Awards i 2019 for “bedste cleanser til krøllet hår”
  • Size: 300 ml
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Bouclème – Discovery Set

449,00 DKK
  • SEK: 703,27SEK
  • EUR: €60,17
  • En samling af seks populære produkter fra Bouclème
  • Naturlige ingredienser og fri for parabener, sulfater og silikone
  • Blide produkter, der styrker krøllerne struktur
  • Giver håret fugt og intensiv pleje
  • Kommer i 100 ml rejseflasker
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Curlsmith – Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash

229,00 DKK
  • SEK: 358,69SEK
  • EUR: €30,69
  • Incredibly gentle and effective co-wash.
  • Actively helps remove dirt and old product residues.
  • Gentle on the scalp.
  • Leaves curls manageable, soft and shiny.
  • Contains ingredients that allow you to use your co-wash every day.
  • Size: 350 ml.
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Bounce Curl – Hydra-Drench Cleansing Conditioner

249,00 DKK
  • SEK: 390,01SEK
  • EUR: €33,37
  • 2-i-1 co-wash-produkt, der fungerer som både shampoo og conditioner
  • Nærer håret med sit indhold af planteekstrakter, vitaminer og olier
  • Tilfører håret et boost af fugt, som gør produktet velegnet til ekstra tørt hår
  • Velegnet til dagligt brug - produktet er nænsomt og skånsomt mod håret
  • Produktet er velegnet, hvis du benytter dig af Curly Girl-metoden
  • Size: 236 ml
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Pretty Curly Girl – Peppermint Fresh Co-Wash

99,00 DKK159,00 DKK
  • SEK: 155,06SEK - 249,04SEK
  • EUR: €13,27 - €21,31
  • Proteinfri vaskebalsam
  • Indeholder pebermynteolie og tea tree oil, der renser nænsomt
  • Er god til tørre og kløende hovedbunde
  • Kan benyttes hver dag
  • Fremmer blodcirkulationen i din hovedbund.
  • Størrelse: 100/250 ml
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Moistful Curl – No Knots Curl Moisturizing Co-wash

109,00 DKK
  • SEK: 170,73SEK
  • EUR: €14,61
  • Skånsom co-wash med udfiltrende effekt
  • Fyldt med nærende olier
  • Renser håret effektivt uden at fjerne naturlige olier
  • Kan bruges dagligt mellem hårvaskedage med shampoo/low-poo
  • Size: 454 g
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CurlyWorld – Sham-Free Hair & Scalp Cleanser

299,00 DKK
  • SEK: 468,33SEK
  • EUR: €40,07
  • 100 % sulfatfri vaskebalsam (co-wash)
  • Trin 1 ud af 3 i CurlyWorld-processen
  • Nærer og fugter krøller uden at tynge håret
  • Giver en forfriskende ren hovedbund og hydreret dit hår
  • Indeholder plantebaserede, botaniske planter
  • Size: 355 ml
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Inahsi – Tropical Escape CoWash

189,00 DKK
  • SEK: 296,03SEK
  • EUR: €25,33
  • Velegnet til krøller og bølget hår
  • Mild balsam
  • Fugter og renser dit hår
  • Med skøn duft af tropiske frugter
  • Indeholder protein og fugt
  • Størrelse: 226 gr.
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Uncle Funky´s Daughter – Bye-Bye Buildup

209,00 DKK
  • SEK: 327,36SEK
  • EUR: €28,01
  • Nærende vaske balsam til krøllet hår
  • Indeholder avocadoolie, organisk aloe vera og kokosolie
  • Renser og tilføjer fugt til alle typer af krøller
  • Genopretter hårets balance og struktur
  • Rig på naturlige ekstrakter
  • Størrelse: 236 ml.
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CurlyGirlMovement – Cleansing Co-wash

229,00 DKK
  • SEK: 358,69SEK
  • EUR: €30,69
  • Proteinrig co-wash
  • Fugter og nærer dine krøller med naturlige ingredienser
  • Perfekt til at opfriske dit hår og din hovedbund mellem hårvaskene
  • Indeholder quinoa og tamanu-olie
  • Size: 250 ml
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What does it mean that the products are Curly Girl approved?

A product is Curly Girl approved when approved for use in the Curly Girl method. But what does that mean? This means, among other things, that the product does not contain a number forbidden ingredients. It includes ingredients such as:

  • drying alcohol
  • silicones
  • sulfates
  • damaging minerals.

They are all ingredients that do no good to your hair - this is the case whether you have curls or not. However, curly hair often needs extra moisture and care at all for it to achieve the natural bounce and beauty. Therefore, it is especially important that those with curly hair stay away from the damaging, heavy and drying ingredients listed above. A Curly Girl approved product contains none of these.

What is co-wash actually?

Co-wash is an abbreviation for condition wash; In Denmark, the method is also known as the wash conditioner. The English name, condition wash, comes from the fact that this is a special cleansing method for curly hair, where instead of shampoo you use a so-called wash conditioner to clean your hair. So a co-wash is the first thing you get in your hair when it needs to be cleaned. Some brands also call their co-wash no-poo, again because with the co-wash method you do not use a shampoo, but instead a wash conditioner to cleanse your hair.

The movement started from a hypothesis that too much washing with shampoo can risk having the opposite effect than is intended, and in fact, ultimately damage the hair. When the hair is constantly filled with silicone and sulfates, it can result in the scalp's natural production of sebum being destroyed. Tallow is what can make the hair look greasy, but at the same time it also protects your scalp from dryness, eczema and dandruff.

When you use shampoo to wash your hair, your scalp's typical reaction will be to produce more sebum to give the scalp the moisture it lacks after washing with sulfates. That is, the stronger your shampoo, the more sebum your scalp will produce, and the faster your hair will look oily. This is precisely why many end up in a vicious spiral where they wash hair several times a week, if not every day. Therefore, switching to the co-wash method may be a bit of a process, but we promise you it is all worth it. Below you can read more about how to start your new co-wash routine.

Here's how to start your co-wash routine

It's important to note that you can't just replace your shampoo and expect results from day one. Phasing out shampoo requires a transitional period where your hair is "detoxed" and turns to life without shampoo. It can take anywhere from 1-6 months for the hair to get used to the shampoo-free life, and during this period, some will find that their hair looks more greasy than usual. Here it is important to endure, as the transition phase is just that - a phase. Fortunately, it ends at some point and your hair here will thank you for giving it back its natural cycle.

If you do not have the courage to start by completely dropping the shampoo, you can also start by using one low-poo instead and at the same time just as quietly washing your hair less and less. 1-2 times a week should be more than abundant. It is important that your low-poo does not contain sulfates, silicones, drying alcohols or mineral oils - that is, all the prohibited ingredients in the Curly Girl method.

Find the most popular co-wash products for curls here

When your hair has become accustomed to not being washed as often and with hard products that remove all natural moisture from the scalp, you will find that your hair looks healthier and far more moisturized. Then maybe it's time to go ahead and try the no-poo method that can really do wonders for your curls.

Here you will find some of the most popular co-wash products from brands like Boucléme, Bounce Curl and As I Am. When trying to co-wash, it is important that you read the product's instructions carefully first. It is very individual, which product works best for you and how you use it. However, common to all co-wash products is that it is important that they get well round the scalp along with a gentle massage of the scalp. It stimulates blood circulation in the scalp while getting rid of dirt and dirt thoroughly. Always leave the product on for at least a few minutes, unless otherwise stated on your co-wash product.

A wash conditioner does not, as stated, contain sulfates and therefore will not foam. It may seem bothersome at first. But don't worry, you turn to it after a few washes with your new co-wash product.

Become part of the Curly Girl movement - order your co-wash products today

Changing one's regular habits and routines is rarely easy, but you do yourself and your curls a huge favor when choosing to replace your hair products with some Curly Girl-approved ones. It may be a jungle to find around the products, but at CurlsForYou we have tried to make it easier with our co-wash category that contains only co-wash products.

Find your favorite product on the site today and start the journey towards natural and beautiful curls. If you need more information or have questions about our products, please feel free to contact us on our contact form.