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Hair Dyeing And Curls: Does It Do Harm Or Benefit?

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Do you have curls and are considering dyeing your hair? Then you may have wondered whether the hair color may have a negative effect on the curls and may even damage them. Therefore, below we try to answer questions such as what color methods are available, what the chemistry of the hair color can do to your curls, and whether hair color can actually also have a beneficial effect on your curly locks.

We hope you find the answers to all your questions below. Happy reading.

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What hair coloring methods are there?

Many people go with the dream of trying something new with their hair. Maybe a new hairstyle, a new hair color or some light streaks. There are so many ways to renew your hair color. Some choose to go to the hairdresser, while others choose to try their hand at hair at home. If you are one of those who try to save some money by dyeing yourself, there are again thousands of options for home dyeing ranging from the cheap, permanent hair dyes you find in the supermarket, to organic hair dyes, rinse dye, bleaching and the popular color bomb. But it does not matter how you choose to color your hair, because some types of color do far more damage than others. If you are blessed with beautiful curls, you should also be aware that some coloring methods can do more harm than good to the curly curls. Below we take you briefly through the most common types of hair colors.

Permanent hair color

A permanent hair color is, as the word covers, permanent. That is, the color covers your own hair color 100% and it cannot be washed out. Therefore, you will not return to your own hair color with time. It's something that needs to grow. It can take many years, which is why you should always think twice before embarking on a permanent hair color.

A permanent hair color can either change the color shade of your hair, make it 1-2 tones lighter, or it can make the hair darker. As a general rule, you should never dye your hair yourself if you want to change the color more than three tones up or down. Especially if you want to go for a lighter color, a professional hairdresser is often an advantage as otherwise you risk getting orange shades in your hair and not light. In addition, a permanent hair color can be harsh on the hair, and especially if you do not use it exactly as described and with good care afterwards.

Tint color

A tint color is a semi-permanent hair color that covers your own hair color by approximately 50%. Therefore, this type of hair color is good for you who just want to refresh your own hair color or change a bit in the color shade. Although a toning color is so-called "semi-permanent", do not expect to go back to your own hair color over time. It is not certain that your hair color will return to its starting point again after coloring with tinting color.

Flush color / color bombs

A rinse color can be seen as a temporary coloring of the hair. It settles on the outside of the hair strands and will eventually be rinsed out of the hair again so that it returns to the starting point. In addition, a rinse color is only about 30% opaque and does not change the color of your own hair. Therefore, a rinse color can also not change your hair color as such, but only give a slight change in the shade. This can be an advantage if, for example, you want to give your hair an extra tinge or, conversely, want to remove an unwanted tinge in your hair color.

For example, if your hair is colored very light, you may get yellow shades. Here, a color bomb (also classified as a rinse color) in violet can cancel out the yellow glow. Another benefit of rinsing hair dyes or color bombs is that you can experiment with all sorts of fun colors without doing permanent damage to the hair. Are you going to an 80s party? Why not try a blue hair color, or maybe a pink one. This type of color works best on blonde hair, but can also easily look smart in, for example, light brown hair colors, in light stripes or in ombre hair. Especially if you have curls where the color will blend in with your natural hair color and give a different and cool look. The wild colors like pink, yellow or green are also often available as hair color spray. Be aware, however, that they can be very contagious, and the durability of the color also varies greatly from product to product.


Bleaching is for those who want to achieve light hair colors. You can even achieve completely light hair even by bleaching dark hair. However, it is important that you are aware that bleaching your hair can be extremely hard on your hair and on your scalp. It can both dry out and chemically damage your hair strands so much that the hair gets a completely different structure. Therefore, we first and foremost recommend that you never go to war with bleaching at home, but always seek the advice of a professional hairdresser first - or completely do not, if you want to ensure that your curls remain beautiful and supple.

Besides that bleaching is hard on the hair, it can also be difficult to work with shades when going from dark to light. This is because dark hair often gets yellow, red or orange tones when you lighten it. Therefore, if you do not have complete control over what you do, you risk a very different result than you want.

Is hair color bad for curly hair?

Many ask: Can hair color damage my curls? The short answer is yes and no. It depends on what type of hair color you choose to make use of, how often you color your hair, what hair products you otherwise use, and how you care for the curls between colors. Hair color has been popular for many years, and with good reason. It can relatively easily give you a whole new look and make your hair look shiny and healthy. Unfortunately, it is just not completely risk-free to dye your curly hair - or your straight hair for that matter.

First of all, several studies have shown that permanent hair dyes are harder on the hair than the rinsing and toning colors are. This is because the permanent hair dyes contain more and stronger chemicals. Therefore: If you still want to color your hair with permanent color or maybe already do, try to color the outgrowths next time and not the whole hair (if it is already colored). This is because it protects the hair from unnecessary chemicals. It can be an advantage to have it dyed at the hairdresser as they can tell you how worn your hair is and how much it can withstand. However, the color itself is still potentially harmful.

Hair color can be particularly hard for fine or dry, curly hair. Hair color, especially bleaching of hair and permanent color, has a drying effect on the hair. Many people with curly hair know that their curls need more moisture than average. Therefore, it is rarely a good idea to do something about the hair that dries it out further. That said, however, do not be afraid that your curls will disappear because you dye your hair. It's just a matter of paying attention to giving your hair extra good nourishment and care, for example, with a good one hair masque.

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Give your curls the optimal life with these 5 tips

If your curls have been damaged, it may be due to too much or the wrong color in the hair. But it can also be due to many other reasons. Whatever has caused the damage to your hair, you can follow the following 5 tips to get healthier hair:

  1. Use shampoo and Conditioner without harmful chemicals to curls. You can read more about them forbidden ingredients in the Curly Girl method here.
  2. Eat for healthier hair through a varied diet with the right vitamins and minerals.
  3. Turn down the use of heating tools and protect the curls with a good, heat-protective spray.
  4. Just wash your hair 1-2 times a week.
  5. Give your curls the moisture and care they need and deserve with a good hair masque.

This is how hair color can actually benefit your curls: Stripes, reflections or balayage

Striber, reflekser og balayage er alle hårfarvningsmetoder, som kan give den ønskede forandring, du måske leder efter. Striberne kan lægges i håret på rigtig mange forskellige måder og med mange forskellige nuancer. Det gode ved denne metode er, at du først og fremmest ikke farver hele håret, og derfor bliver håret heller ikke lige så påvirket af farvningen. Derudover er det også en fantastisk måde at fremhæve dine krøller yderligere. Striber og reflekser i krøllet hår giver nemlig illusionen af endnu mere krøl og liv i håret. Bruger du samtidig en god saltvandsspray, kan du opnå det perfekt bølgede strandlook med dine krøller året rundt.

If you want streaks or reflections in your hair, it is our recommendation that you book an appointment with a professional hairdresser. It is super difficult to achieve a good result of streaks at home. In addition, a hairdresser can advise you in terms of whether your hair type can withstand this color method, as well as what shade and style will compliment your hair, your curls and your skin type best.

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