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DevaCurl hair products to be removed

At CurlsForYou we need to make sure you get good, clean hair products. Therefore, we have decided that DevaCurl's hair products will be removed from our portfolio, at least until the case below is completed.

The reason for this decision must be found in the indictment as Stephanie Mero, perhaps better known as @thecurlninja on Instagram has made claims against DevaCurl. Where No-poo and Low-poo in particular are under suspicion and are being investigated as several have reported damaged hair after using these products. It should be said that there are also people who have not experienced problems with the products and who believe that those who have problems must have used the products incorrectly, not rinsed their hair thoroughly enough, etc. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that it is not yet consciously that DevaCurl's products are to blame for these hair loss. Watch this video if you like Curly Hair Alchemist.

We in no way want people to lose / get damaged their hair, so that is why until the end of the case we will not get new DevaCurl hair products home. If you are unsure which other products you can use, please ask us.

For those who love DevaCurl hair products, we will have lowered the price of the products until we have sold out.

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