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Signe eksperimenterer med creme
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Here comes another post from me, Signe (curlywinther on Instagram).

I've been experimenting a bit here lately, and it might give you some inspiration on how to use different products and style your hair. 

So the first attempt was a completely lowkey wash:

  • Shampoo from As I Am (Dry and Itchy)
  • Conditioner
  • In completely wet hair, I applied Inashi Custard with praying hands and then scrunch 
  • Plop for about 15 min. 
  • Airdryed the hair

You can see the result in the picture (I am wearing a light green sweater) - I was really surprised by the volume. I can usually only get it using a diffuser. In addition, I actually think it looks a lot like my hair when I have a hair wash where I go all in. 

What a nice surprise that a hair wash can be a little more lowkey and still give a nice result! 

However, the result did not last super long, but I also did not make any refresh the following days. 

Signe lowkey vask og styling

Another attempt was an experiment with a cream - they can be a bit tricky, I think, as it really does not take much before one's volume completely dies or one's hair gets greasy faster. My advice here is less is more. Use only a tiny bit and then you can always add more if you think your hair needs it. Or in the next hair wash - it can be difficult to assess whether you have used too much cream before the hair is dry. Here are the details of that hair wash:

  • Clarify shampoo fom Bouncecurl
  • Protein hairmask from Ecoslay Matcha Boost (leave it in the hair for an hour)
  • Conditioner
  • Applied a little bit (really little!) Of Inashi cream in drenched hair with praying hands and scrunch 
  • Custard from Inashi 
  • Microplop, root clips in immediately in my “bangs” and then diffuse 
  • Smasters (here I applied a little more custard as my hair was about 70% dry, it really does something good for my definition)

A cream is a bit hard to get right, but it also gives just the most beautiful definition in one's hair, so it is worth experimenting with and trying on. The result is the picture where I am wearing a green sweater. My hair clearly gets more definition when I use a cream before gel / custard which you (hopefully) can also see. 


Signe eksperimenterer med creme

The good thing about curly / wavy hair is that it can have so many expressions - in fact, it's not even certain I can recreate the exact same look in the pictures even if I use the same products. It must be said to be the joy (and perhaps the sorrow😂) for curly / wavy hair. 

Sammenligning af de to metoder

Ps. You can get all the products I have mentioned on CurlsForYou, and I can only recommend them!

You can find them below:

Inahsi – Rock Your Curls Curl Enhancing Cream

195,00 DKK
  • SEK: 304,80SEK
  • EUR: €26,13
  • Velegnet til krøller og bølget hår
  • Tilføjer fugt og protein
  • Definerer og styrker dine krøller
  • Med mange lækre olier, bl.a. avokado og kokos
  • Leave-in-creme
  • Størelse: 226 gr.
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As I Am – Dry & Itchy Shampoo

139,00 DKK
  • SEK: 217,27SEK
  • EUR: €18,63
  • Afhjælper skæl, kløe og irritation i hovedbunden
  • Renser og fugter hovedbunden
  • Fjerner gamle produktrester og urenheder
  • Efterlader håret friskt og rent
  • Reducerer filtret hår.
  • Indeholder: Fugt
  • Størrelse: 355 ml.
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Ecoslay – Matcha Boost

229,00 DKK
  • SEK: 357,94SEK
  • EUR: €30,69
  • En allergivenlig og plantebaseret proteinkur uden parfume
  • Styrker selv de svageste hårstrå og gør dem stærkere
  • Indeholder protein fra quinoa og keratin
  • Er bedst til kruset, farvebehandlet hår
  • Opbevares på køl. Holdbarhed 9 måneder
  • Størrelse: 236 ml - OBS ny størrelse
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CurlsForYou – Root Clips

29,00 DKK
  • SEK: 45,33SEK
  • EUR: €3,89
  • Gives your hair more volume during drying
  • Smart size and easy to carry in the bag
  • Many options for styling
  • 10 pcs. pr. package
  • Good product for the price.
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Bounce Curl – Gentle Clarifying Shampoo

249,00 DKK
  • SEK: 389,21SEK
  • EUR: €33,37
  • Rigt indhold af granatæble, græskarenzymer og black seed-olie
  • Renser dit hår for ophobninger af gamle stylingprodukter
  • Tilfører den nødvendige fugt til dit hår
  • Selected with care for the Curly Girl method
  • Size: 236 ml
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