What is low-poo?

A low-poo product is a hair wash / shampoo that does not contain sulfates, silicones or harmful alcohols. In fact, just about anything that can weigh down or dry out your beautiful, natural curls. Thus, a low-poo can be seen as a special kind of shampoo used to cleanse the hair. Many of the shampoos you find on the market today contain several different ingredients that appear to be drying and are definitely harmful to your hair. Especially if you have curls. Curls need extra moisture and care so as not to become frizzy and unruly.

What is the curly girl method?

The Curly Girl method is a method created to groom and style curly hair in a natural way. This is done, among other things, by avoiding products containing sulphate, silicone and drying alcohols. They are also called The forbidden ingredients and should be avoided because they either dry out the hair unnecessarily or weigh it down so that the curls cannot get their natural curls and bounce, but instead become heavy to look at.

If you are one of those who would like to go all-in on the Curly Girl method, you may also want to consider a wash conditioner - the so-called co-wash (condition wash) method - is the way forward for you and your hair. Here you do not use shampoo or low-poo at all to cleanse the hair, but instead a wash conditioner, which is made to cleanse the hair in the most gentle way and at the same time add lots of moisture to the hair.

Why use low-poo?

Now you may be thinking: If co-wash is the way forward, why should I use a low-poo? There may be several reasons why a low poo is the best solution for you. First of all, be aware that co-wash doesn't just show amazing results from day one. Especially not if you've been used to washing your hair frequently with a drying shampoo. Your hair has to go through a transition phase before it gets used to the shampoo-free life. This phase can last anywhere from 1-6 months, and here many will find that the hair looks more greasy than usual. That's because the hair is recovering from its natural cycle, where harsh chemicals no longer strip it of its natural oils. So it is perfectly normal.

For some, however, it will be transcendent to start out with co-wash, partly because of this transitional period. This is especially true if you have used very harsh products in the past or have been used to washing your hair frequently. Instead, using a low-poo product can be an advantage. A low-poo product is still much milder for your hair and is a good alternative when you need to start your good washing routine. While replacing your drying shampoo with a low-poo, you can also just as quietly turn to washing your hair less than before. It is not necessary, or healthy, to wash your hair more than 1-2 times a week.

After using low-poo for a period of time, you will begin to see the positive effects on your hair and curls. The hair is less likely to become oily because the scalp is no longer overproduced, and your curls are more likely to look more resilient because they get the moisture they need. Once you're well into your low-poo routine, you can choose to stick with this one, or you can take the step further and try co-wash. It's all up to you - no matter what you choose, you've done something good for your hair by choosing Curly Girl-approved products.

Good advice from the Curly girl method that everyone can learn from

As I said, the Curly Girl method is all about looking after and caring for your hair so that the hair gets the best conditions and thus shows off its most beautiful, natural side. Curly Girl is developed for curly hair, but there is actually a lot to learn from the method for all types of hair. This applies whether you have loose snake curls, small plug curls or large, defined curls - even if you have perfectly straight hair. The Curly Girl method is about more than just the products you use; it's also about the way you treat your hair. The following advice should be followed by anyone who wants a naturally beautiful hairstyle:

  • Wash your hair in a gentler way. This applies to the content of your shampoo as well as your entire washing routine.
  • Turn down the heaters. Any kind of styling with heat can ruin the hairs. Only use hair straighteners if absolutely necessary and blow dry your hair, then do it with gentle heat and strength.
  • Be careful when brushing your hair. The hairbrush can easily slip on your lids and break your hairstyle, which is why you should take care to brush your hair too violently. Especially when wet. The best thing you can do is brush your hair through with your fingers.
  • Avoid products with perfume and chemicals, even when styling your hair. Styling is great, but be careful not to get any products in your hair that damage and dry your hair unnecessarily.
  • Love your hair and care for it carefully. No matter what hairstyle you were born with, take care of it and love it. You won't get another one.

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